Quality at IGT


All the construction drawings of ball screws, nuts, deflections, and accessories are created using AutoCad and 3DAnimationen.
The ball profiles of the spindles are produced by the most up-to-date technology.
By this means, IGT achieves hugely improved surface quality compared to ground spindles. Due to the grinding process, the ball profiles of the nuts are produced in highest surface quality. Profiling of the grinding stones is done using diamond roller dressers and dressing devices.

Quality assurance

Of the highest priority: IGT quality assurance starts with the inspection of externally manufactured components and continues with checks after every single operation right through to an extensive final inspection of each ball screw. Each quality inspection is carried out and documented by specially qualified staff. The packaging process for each product is carried out with the utmost care, while a further contribution to the overall quality is made by optimised protective packaging. This means that only faultless ball screws are allowed to leave our factory.