Precision, innovation and quality: IGT

40 years experience in the production of ball screws based on application-specific requirements. IGT, an owner-managed company located in Schwelm, has a particularly strong commitment to precision. In cooperative partnership with its customers and by continuously optimising existing applications, the company opens up new fields of business.
The particular forte of IGT Gewindetechnik is handling the planning and coordination stages: Many years of experience and know-how are introduced to each development project in the form of comprehensive advice and service.
As for customer communications, the company’s flat hierarchy and the high flexibility of its medium-sized structure are certainly a market advantage.

Final assembly and inspection of the parts – some of which, for cost optimization reasons, are manufactured in China – is carried out solely in Germany. Thus, IGT can ensure the quality of each ball screw. The company’s efficient logistics guarantees short delivery times.